The Theodicy Of Sandy Hook And Other Tragedies

Public policy should take on these issues with care; in particular, it is now clear the easy availability of powerful firearms greatly magnifies the severity of incidences like these. Explaining the evil that visited that community, however, will likely require much more than three minutes. 2012 was a rather poor year for theodicy in our public life. Theodicy is the attempt to reconcile the omni-benevolent God with evil and suffering in the world and is a rather crucial part of how we engage with our spiritual life. We ask our pastors and preachers to support us as we suffer, to show us God’s love in the midst of that suffering. Public figures have been no help. In August, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, a former Presbyterian seminarian, attempted to reconcile the realities of rape and evil unintended pregnancy by arguing victims of legitimate rape have biological mechanisms that prevent pregnancy. By December, an ordained minister, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, said we should not be so surprised at events such as the Sandy Hook massacre when we have systematically removed God from our schools. Gay marriage in particular has been a source of blame.

Original => The theodicy of Sandy Hook and other tragedies


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