Political Theodicy

Im more here to talk about the theodicy that shows up in political debates.When you look at how the Green Lantern theory and the Care Bear theory overlap, its in one very particular way: The assumption that we know whatThe Good Is and the assumption that We Have The PowerTo Enact The Good leaving meaning us only withhow much *WILL* we haveor how much we *CARE*. In a nutshell: Do we *WANT* The Good? Nutshellier: Are we Good? We could have prevented the cleansing in Iraq following Saddam being deposed if only we had the will. We could have passed a Health Care Bill that would have made us more like Denmark if only we cared. Now, of course, we have to deal with the fact that, unlike in a Monothesistic Universe, we very much have to deal with the existence of The Opponent who will come in like a flood and we need to call upon our Will/how much we Care to lift a Standard against him. Or them, in this case. Now, maybe its the atheism in me talking, but this political theodicy seems to have a lot of unexamined assumptions at the bottom (and calling them such things as the Green Lantern Theory/Care Bear Stare brings the assumptions into stark relief). A conclusion about how we need to be more humble strikes me as one hell of a cop-out, of course. If we see a moral problem before us, its pretty much incumbent on us to try to solve it. Make it better.

Citation ~ http://ordinary-gentlemen.com/blog/2011/09/15/political-theodicy


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